Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make do and mend

So, I am not sure if you all remember the little unfinished project I showed you in this post, but I made it for my mom for her birthday! I never got the chance to take a picture of the finished project but it said "Make do and mend."

While that sounds like a cute little saying it is really a saying that inspires me! I think about all the wonderful clothes that exist in thrift stores and dream of what I could do with them. And if this is the way you think too, you are in luck! I came across this lovely blog, Cotton and Curls, today and she is all about 'upcycling' clothes! I am loving reading through her ideas.

I just think about how great it is for my wallet and for the globe when I buy gently used or when I 'Make do and mend' with the clothes I already own.

I hope this inspires you! Go to a thrift store and do not let yourself be discouraged if something is too big! Think about how you can take it in, how you can make it yours and give it new life again.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few of my favorite projects from a few blogs:

Frumpy dress refashion by See Kate Sew

Black and white stripe t-shirt turned skirt by Adventures in Dress Making

Baggy sweatshirt is given new life by See Kate Sew

and if you missed it, I did my own little tutorial on a sweater I gave new life in this post

hope those give you a new eye for the next time you are thrifting or even looking in your own closet!

With love from a sick lady,

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