Monday, January 30, 2012

Meatless Mondays...and other stuff

I have heard the buzz words of "meatless mondays" lately. The idea behind it being that you cut down on your meat intake for both your health and some also do it for the health of the environment (mostly referring to red meat.) Whatever your motivation may be, I am a vegetarian so I have meatless every day but I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes with you! It was adapted from this recipe (her site, Naturally Ella, is wonderful and full of wonderful recipes).

Here is what I do:

1 can of corn (I use fresh when it is in season)
1 can of black beans
olive oil for cooking
1/2 can roasted green chillies
1 clove of garlic
1/4 of an onion finely chopped (I have forgotten this before and they still tasted wonderful)
taco seasoning to taste (I have one of those jumbo containers of it from Costco!)

and then add your favorite taco toppings, lime, cilantro (I hate cilantro but I know many love it), lettuce shreds, sour cream etc.

I heat a pan on medium heat with the olive oil. Add the onion and garlic and let those cook on their own for a while, I like to brown my onion (if I don't forget it (; ). Then add the green chilies. this is when I usually open and drain my cans of corn and beans. I always rinse my beans too. Add all of that into the pan let it cook together for a bit. Add the taco seasoning and a little bit of water to help evenly disperse the taco seasoning. And once you get it to the flavor you want and it is warm enough for you, you're done and ready to fill your tortilla!

This recipe is fantastic. I love the sweetness of the corn with the other flavors. And, I have yet to try this idea of making your own baked taco shells! I saw it and thought this would be the perfect post to share it in. If you try it let me know how it goes, and if I try it I'll do the same.

On another note, I wanted to share a sweet gift I got from my best friend, these salt and pepper shakers. You can check out her DIY post and see how to make them yourself :)

Her blog is full of some wonderful DIY ideas and fashion inspiration, check it out :)

And lastly any one who read last weeks blog knows I was about to do something bold with my hair and I promised a picture, so here it is!
That isn't the color of it all over, just the underneath. From the front most people cannot even tell that I dyed it...or from the back for that matter when it is down. I am having a lot of fun with it :)

I hope you all have had a fantastic first month of 2012! I cannot believe that it is almost February.

Let me know if you try the tacos (or the baked taco shells!) and anything you change, I would love to hear it!

With love from Burlingame,


  1. Thats such a cool haircolor.. my hair's to dark to try somethings like that out x

  2. Maybe not. My hairdresser bleached the portions of my hair to get the colors to stick and be really bright and vibrant. So, I think it's safe to say you might still be able to have some fun with your hair even though it is dark :)