Sunday, January 8, 2012

beautifying and an up-cycle

I was rummaging around my sewing desk and found a project that I never posted on here so I thought I would share this simple little sweater up-cycle!

I had this sweater for years and hardly ever wore it because when I did it just rode up funny. Anyone else have these issues? Anyway here are the steps I took to make it into something that I might wear more often and maybe you can rummage up a sweater and spruce it up!

I forgot to take a picture of the sweater before I cut I kinda put it together for this picture but you can see where I cut it

so as you can kind of see, I just cut a straight line up the front middle of the sweater. I then measured from the bottom of the sweater to the bottom of the v-neck. Once I had those measurements I cut two pieces of fabric (my fabric happens to be from a vintage sheet) and I then ironed them in half and then 1/4 inch on each of the long sides (If I remember correctly I cut the fabric for this 4" x 15" but the 15" is just for my particular sweater). The hardest part to measure is all around the collar but just make a rough measurement and add a few inches and you will be fine, that is what I did. you want to again iron the collar piece in half lengthwise and again tuck the long edges under and press again. I made my collar piece thinner but that is up to you. I still cut it 4" wide but I folded the sides all the way to the center lengthwise before pressing it.

once all that is done you pin and sew! easy-peasy. sorry I am so silly and did not take pictures during the process but at the time I didn't think it would end up on here!

here is the finished product:

In other news. I started the process of beautifying our kitchen table I picked up at Salvation Army before the wedding for $40! It was ok but our kitchen is really plain as is so I am adding some color to it. I cant wait to share some before and afters!

I also picked up this beauty at a thrift store the other day for $12!
say hello to my new sewing bench! This also will get a face lift...but I kind of like the fabric...any thoughts...should I change the fabric or keep the sweet vintage floral/bird fabric?

I had to leave this beauty behind at the thrift store. I got attached because I have a deep desire to re-uhpolster something and this seemed like the perfect project! I have always wanted a wing back chair to make over...but the hubs told me no. Wise on his part as most of my projects take over our little apartment...however it was still sad to leave it. Hopefully she finds a wonderful home somewhere.

What projects are you working on? Anyone else have the 'beautifying' furniture bug like I do??

With love from an inspired apartment,

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