Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Projects and honesty.

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First, Mom, you are not allowed to read this until after Saturday!!

So, I will make this short and sweet so you can get to the things I have been working on currently.

But here is the thing, here is the bit of deep down honesty that I want to share. I graduated in May with my degree in Psychology with a concentration in family and child. What have I been doing since May? I worked at Starbucks and am now currently nannying. I need no degree for either of those. I loved my internship my last year of school. Loved it. I was really excited about pursuing it...but then reality sets in. It's competitive and you are not desirable at all when you are not in grad school. And we don't have the money for me to go to grad school.

I constantly ask myself why I don't just try to find an internship and see what happens. My problem comes when I think about if I do get one. How would I manage an internship and working? How would I handle commuting into the city (most likely) and not having the time at home with Noah like I am used to? What if I succeed??
These are the things that I have been thinking about lately. I am in such an odd place where I feel content but I don't feel like content is where I am supposed to be right now.

Anyway, enough of the honesty huh? lets move onto the fun stuff!

I have picked up embroidery lately. I am super simple with it but it has been a fun hobby to take up! I am making something for my mom for her birthday, here is a picture of it unfinished:

incase you can't tell due to my beginner skills ;) it is the outline of a sewing machine (silver thread for the needle and all). And under it is the phrase "make do and mend." I'll either frame this or leave it in the embroidery hoop for my mom to hang in her sewing room. I can't decide yet which I will do...anyone have thoughts on that? I'd love to hear what you think!

I also made a few of these foot warmers! I love it! It is such a simple project and cheap too! a great way to use up those old scraps of fabric :) If you are like me and your feet freeze year round...I would highly suggest making one for yourself.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I'll have some new projects to post soon that I have been working on!

With love from a happy girl with the day off,

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