Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative dream

Something about calligraphy and hand lettering has always gotten to me. There is beauty, elegance and art to words that take such time and consideration to create.
So, naturally I decided to buy calligraphy nibs and ink yesterday. That's what normal people do, right?

I started practicing yesterday and it has been fun and frustrating. Fun because it really is such a free form of art. You just write words and phrases in whatever font your heart wants. Frustrating for someone like me who is very critical of my own work. However, so far the fun has outweighed the frustrating and the disappointment in how bad I am at it right now.

Per the advice of some talented people I am practicing daily...and I am also just starting with one letter at a time trying all the different nibs on each letter. Just trying to figure out the tools and what I can make them do.

I found deep inspiration from Paper Hearts Studio. It is definitely worth your while to hop on over there and check out the amazing words and letters she creates. Just lovely.

What have you always wanted to try and just never have? Maybe today is your day to give it a shot...what do you have to lose? :)

Here are my feeble attempts at the letter 'A'. I think the tall one on the right is my favorite out of these 3.

I hope your Thursday is treating you well...and if not....well, tomorrow is Friday! 

With love from a girl sippin' some tea,

p.s. Isn't it funny how difficult it is to post your own work when it is nothing how you want it to look? Any other perfectionists out there who never want their work to be seen until they deem it worthy of being seen by the public eye?

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