Monday, July 16, 2012

A trip down memory lane....

So, I have to admit that Noah and I are that couple that has saved all our ticket stubs and such from all the things we have done together since we started dating...movies, baseball games, Disneyland and the most recent addition, wrist bands from a 5K we did. 

I don't know where we both got so sentimental about these little paper things...but they are fun to look back I have saved them..and so has he. Before now, we had kept them in an old shoe box in our closet...but today I will share my take on an idea I have seen floating around the pinterest world to proudly display our cheesiness for all to see :)

Here is what you will need:
 - A shadow box
 - A map, or pretty paper(AAA members you can get maps free!)
 - Plenty of tickets and memories to fill it with :)
 - Vinyl letters

My memory box came with pins in it so I just measured the shadow box and cut the map accordingly. Once it was cut, I was able to use the pins to pin each corner down and it worked great! You could also use glue dots or something of the sort to keep the paper in place if your box doesn't come with pins. 

Once I had the map in place I just had to shut the door and slide my tickets in! That's the great thing about using a shadow box that has a magnetic door, you have an automatic slot to put your tickets in as you get them. I had two pins left over after pinning the corners so I pinned a couple tickets higher up so they kinda look like they are falling down into the pile of tickets...I like it. But that is totally optional.

Once the door was shut I added some vinyl letters to the glass that say "Admit One". I used a Silhouette machine to make my letters but I am sure you could find some cute vinyl letters at a craft store. Or if you are feeling adventurous you could used a stencil and use glass etching cream! That could be a really neat effect too. 

Here is my finished product

 I really loved this project because I feel like it is a fun way to hold and display memories. It isn't creating clutter in your home but rather a little piece of art full of love to remind you of all the fun things you have seen and done together.

You could even make the map background from a special place you have been together...where you met, married etc. I was going to do that but the silly maps I had all had map keys and such in the middle of where I would need to cut.

I hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY :) I was a lot of fun to make and hopefully you will have fun making one of your own.

One last thing. This past weekend we went and ran a 5K called The Color Run (the happiest 5K on the planet). Check out their site here to see if and when they are coming to a town near you and GO! Seriously it was a blast...and I got to wear a tutu I made. Any chance to make and wear a tutu is fine by me :)

Here is my before and after picture :)

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!

With love from Burlingame,

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