Saturday, June 16, 2012

For my Daddy

Fathers day isn't always a celebratory day for people. There is a grand epidemic going on where women are raising kids alone which can make fathers day a really tough day for many. If you are one of those I am truly sorry and I hope you know how deeply you are loved.

For me though, I am a 100% daddy's girl and I have been very fortunate to have a really great Dad. Any other Daddy's girls out there? Here is a little tribute to a really wonderful man I get to call my Dad :)

So, unlike Mom you didn't carry me around for 9 months and freak out about not having black pants, but you did play your part in raising me and teaching me all you could (and continue to teach me).

I love hearing the stories of you following me around after I was born watching everything the Doctors were doing with an already protective fathers eye.

You have taught me so many things. I think I am proficient in irritating Mom because of you...that my not be a skill appreciated by all but I think it we have taken that skill to the highest level possible (sorry Mom, we show our love in a weird way).
You gave me a love of the outdoors. Appreciating all that God has created for us and making sure I wasn't a girl who was afraid of dirt and camping. Thanks for that. It is still my happy place to be out in the woods pondering life and taking naps.
You always let me help you fix things...even when my helping looked like this (clearly really helping you cut that Christmas tree). And more importantly took the time to teach me how to fix things, and how to fix them right.

Thanks for teaching me how to fish...even when the thing I catch most is the surrounding trees and bushes...

Thank you for always loving me. Even when you think that I am a pill. I am not. I am always perfectly pleasant. Thank you for being present and a part of my life. Making sure I don't settle for less than I should. Encouraging me to do my best in anything I do. Thanks for teaching me how to drive, we all know Mom doesn't have the nerves for that! Thanks for letting me get married before the age of 45. And thank you for letting the silence and small talk be enough on the wedding day so I would't turn into a bawling mess with messed up makeup for all the pictures. Dad's are always the first man a girl loves, and that is true for me. I love you always Daddy :) happy fathers day

With love from a blessed (daddy's) girl,
Whitney (a.k.a Snap <- for you Daddy)

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