Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fabric and ideas

Now that wedded wednesdays are over I guess I should start sharing some things I have been working on currently!

As of late I have fallen into my routine of half finishing a project and then getting distracted by another enticing project. Anyone else suffer from this same thing? I sure am lucky to have a husband that tolerates my fluttering about from one project to the next without finishing one. Our kitchen chairs have had blue painters tape on them for roughly 4 months...and only one is painted. Oops.

Anyway, moving on from that bit of embarrassing honesty ;) I have been working on a cute little project for a friend who is about to have a in 2 weeks kind of soon! And I have been working to make the same thing for the little boy that I nanny. It will be something similar to this. Mine is going to be a bow tie though :) I'll be sure to post pictures once they are finished.

I also have been thinking about this project for a while but had not taken the time to go and get supplies and such until recently. So, I have been trying to figure out the best way to make this lovely lace and jersey infinity scarf. My first attempt left me very grumpy and without a new scarf to wear. It was a bad night.
This picture is from the link I posted above. Clearly not mine or else I would not have been so grumpy.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to go down to LA and go fabric shopping! If you have yet to go, stop reading and go!'s amazing. For roughly $40 I got about 20 yards of fabric. Uhm, what??? The Fashion district is a magical place that makes all my dreams come true and not all my money disappear :) Here is just a quick shot of all the fabric I got while I was there

I have a few ideas for some of the fabric. One of them is this ADORABLE dress!
This picture and the tutorial for the dress are all from her blog. Go check it out here

I also have a great dress pattern to use one of the fabrics for.

I have quite a lot of ideas floating around right now. The goal is to finish the scarf and adorable vest onsies before I start anything new! Oh, and maybe get to those kitchen chairs...maybe ;)

What projects are you working on? Any great craft deals/finds for you lately? Speaking of, I heard of this fantastic website called the plaid barn. Every day they have a new deal on craft supplies. It is great! They shoot you an email with the deal in it and you can decide if you want it or not. I love it. So, if you are looking for inspiration, you might find it there. So, check it out!

I hope you are all having such a wonderful day!

With love from Burlingame,

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