Sunday, April 22, 2012

How I feel about the Oil Cleansing Method

I have fallen silent for a little while...trying to get those creative juices flowing!

My last post I talked about a few things I was going to be working on and I have finished one of will be posted sometime in the near future :) But something that I have been meaning to post about for a little while now is my journey with the oil cleansing method (OCM)!

Some of you may be tired of hearing about it or maybe you are hesitant to try it out because...well, lets face it, anyone who has suffered with acne avoids oily things touching your face like the plague! I too was super skeptical, I have been on accutane before and antibiotics for years and years trying to battle this silly acne thing. Luckily accutane did wonders for me but to deal with break outs here and there I was using store bought face wash and then using a daily moisturizer. Since starting the OCM I have not bought any daily moisturizer or bottle of face wash and I am loving the way my skin looks and feels.

 I am by no means an expert but I know when I was doing my search for what oil combination to use, I wanted to know what other people had success using. So, if you are on the fence, give it a try! (there were two sites I used when doing my research click here and here to see them.)

If you are interested, here is what I do I use a mixture of about 60% castor oil and 40% jojoba oil (jojoba I read is good for those who have acne prone skin). I keep my oil mix in a little travel bottle for easy using every time. I massage it into my face for about 2 minutes and then wash my hands which allows the oil to do any last absorbing before the mini facial ;) I then use a wash cloth with warm water and place the cloth over my face. This I don't do for any set amount of time, but usually just when the cloth loses its heat. then wipe off the oil rinsing the wash cloth frequently.

I love this method. It is the best makeup remover ever! It takes a bit longer but I feel like the cost effectiveness of it as well as knowing that I am not rubbing chemicals into my skin every day is totally worth it. I have been doing this for a couple months now and love my skin. I had a bit of an adjustment period, the second week I broke out but I think that is fairly normal when switching your routines like this. I hope this helps any of you who had heard of this but thought it sounded crazy, or just weren't sure where to start or what to do.

Give it a try, what do you have to lose? Does anyone already use the OCM? What oils do you use?

With love from a beautifully sunny day here in Burlingame,


  1. I'm in the second week/breakout period but I am sticking with it for another month! I just bout some other oils on Amazon so when they get here I'm hoping they will help too! :)

  2. Definitely stick with it for a little longer. I also use this little thing called a thermaclear for spot treating. it works really well for me, definitely worth looking up and maybe investing in for the pesky pimples that just find their way onto your face every now and then. I love mine and have had it since high school without needing to replace the head of it.