Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thinking differently

This is a bit of a 'on a whim post' so I appologize now for any scattered thoughts. However there has been something heavy on my mind lately. Something I am fairly knowledgable about. I like to pretend I am good at it...but in reality I am the worst!

This thing is health and being healthy. I have recently been thinking a lot and reading a lot about people who have altered the way they live to improve their lives and the lives of their families. If you are interested in the sites I have been visiting to be inspired and try to figure out what will work for me, they are Green Smoothie Girl as well as 100 Days of Real Food. Here is the thing, in all honesty, for so many years eating right has been about getting thinner for me. This is the first time that I have been really reading about it and ALL the incredible benefits of eating well and filling yourself with nutritious things. So much of what we put into our bodies are riddled with things we cannot pronounce, a list of ingredients that is the length of a small book. It's no wonder that I am lethargic and less than 100% every day. Slowly, I am realizing that I am doing myself a disservice if I make it about weight loss. It's so much more than that.

This time I want to make it about more energy. About less sickness. About achieving my potential, not just being average. This time I am making about my future. About the kids I will have some day. About being an example. This is what it is about to me this time.

Nutrition has always been the hardest part for me but I am giving an honest effort. April 1st I am starting the 12 steps to whole food eating that Green Smoothie Girl sets up. As my journey progresses I hope to share with you how it is going. Lord knows I will need encouragement! Luckily I have a great Hubs by my side ready to support me even when all I want to do is eat peanut butter m&m's and pizza my heart all day long (check out his little corner of the blogging world sometime, here) I am also starting a journey with a personal trainer since I can't kick my own butt into gear at the gym. This is going to be a new season of life and I am excited.

I hope that this jumble of words has encouraged you to think about your goals and making it more than just weight loss. Make it more than that.

I will leave you with this, in an effort to find some recipes that will work with my eating better efforts but that also would cure my massive sweet tooth (I think all my teeth are sweet teeth....just sayin'). So I tried this homemade Chocolate Larabar recipe and lets just say I need to still work on portion control ;) I also tried a black bean brownie recipe.....I threw them away. I had such high hopes. But unfortunately they were quite a disappointment.

I would definitely encourage you all to try the Larabar recipe! It really is super good. I have tried a few of her recipes and have not been disappointed yet! Let me know what you try and what you think :)

I hope you are all enjoying your week thus far! Look for a new Wedded Wednesday post tomorrow.

With love from Burlingame,

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