Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy Day DIY

Does every lady remember those frilly little socks you wore as a little girl? I know I do. While those are a little much for me these days, I saw something on Pinterest that sparked my interest, a little DIY for 'grown up' frilly socks.

They are these lovely boot socks with a little peek of lace on them to add some flair to your rainy day outfits. I had been eyeing them for a long time and finally found the etsy sellerand unfortunately for me she had become quite popular and all the socks I wanted were selling out. So, I set out to make my own version of these lovelies. Disclaimer: I am making these for me I am not selling them. If you wish to buy them be sure to visit the Etsy shop I linked above.

Here is what you will need:
- boot socks! (I got mine at Target for $2 a pair!)
- Lace (I used a fairly thin one but use your discretion and taste)
- thread
- Sewing machine (Maybe not necessary but I can't imagine doing it without one)
- Straight pins

turn your socks inside out and start pinning your lace!

I tried to pin mine with as much lace showing as possible above the sock while still having enough to sew on.

You can see a bit in the picture above, be sure to stretch the sock as you are pinning because when you are wearing the sock it will be stretched and you don't want to a) cut off your circulation ;) or b) have the thread break when you are putting them on for the first time!

Keep pinning around until you reach where you started and at this point I had a little help from the hubs to pin the overlap in place. I needed him to stretch it as I pinned the last pin.

he was thrilled....

Now I would highly suggest not cutting the lace before you sew it. Here is why. The first sock I did not cut it first and it came out wonderfully....the second sock however I got too confident I suppose. Ha! and cut with what I thought was enough to go all the way around....but when I put it on there was a nice gap of no lace. boo! So, either cut plenty of excess or wait to cut until you are finished.

My sewing machine has the perfect little arm to fit the socks perfectly, and I hope yours does too. So, put the sock around the arm

Then, as you sew just stretch the top of the sock as you did while pinning it to make sure that when you put them on they will stretch still :) Make sure you use a zig zag stitch too!

once you sew all the way around cut those pesky little pieces of thread off and try on your totally awesome boot socks!

I hope that you have some fun with this idea and remember, if you do not wish to make some of your own, super awesome (I'm sure higher quality) boot socks and leg warmers are on this etsy site She has a lot of variety on there too!

With love for the second time today,

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