Monday, January 23, 2012

Eat your vegetables!

So, like many people I will be honest and say that while I love a plethora of fruits, veggies are a lot harder for me to enjoy the same way. I love cucumbers and raw bell peppers and a good summer salad. However winter time I can get the 'blahs' with my healthy food intake.

Pinterest to the rescue! I found a recipe on there that boasted to be the 'best broccoli of your life.' I decided to give it a shot and I have not been disappointed at all! I love it. The non-veggie eater husband likes is a winner in my book and we eat it almost nightly. If you want to see the original recipe go here.

I don't do much differently than the original recipe calls for. However I will say that I do not go through the trouble of drying the broccoli off. I wash it and blot it with a paper towel but by no means feel you need to dry it completely for a delicious side dish. And I also measure nothing. I just do it until it looks right. So, if you cook like I do and just kinda mix a little here and there, here is what I do.

Preheat your oven to 375
cut and wash broccoli and spread on baking sheet (I use non stick foil too)
drizzle with olive oil press garlic (1-2 cloves is what I use)
sprinkle a little salt and pepper and just mix it around on the pan
bake until the broccoli has some brown on it (it will not taste burnt I promise!)
drizzle with some lemon juice mix together then top it off with a little fresh parmesan cheese!

You really should try it, it is super delicious!

And speaking of sprinkling salt and pepper, check out what I have been doing with the Silhouette I got for Christmas. I may or may not have gone on a labeling rampage once I got my machine all set up...

and lastly...Saturday I have a hair appointment and I am going to be a little bold in my hair color choice :) Can't wait to share it!...well that is as long as it turns out like the picture I have in my head (but when does that ever happen?!)

With love from my bed (ha!),

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  1. Yum! That's exactly how I cook asparagus and it's delicious. I cook it until the asparagus is fairly crisp and I actually only like the tops of the asparagus but you might like all of it. Not sure if you've had asparagus but you lop off the bottom half of what you get at the store and then do just as this recipe says only cook at 400 for about 5-7 minutes and I've never tried the lemon on it but that might be good, not sure. Just be on the lookout for interesting smelling pee for the next 12 hours ;) I'll have to try this with brocolli.