Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December, where did you go?

Wow, did anyone else have a whirl wind of a December? I wrote out the date today for the first time since the new year and couldn't believe that December was already gone! Although it went rather quickly, Noah and I had a wonderful first Christmas. It was a bit odd for us both to not be waking up in our parents homes and partaking in each family tradition, but it was nice to start building our own traditions together. We got some really awesome first christmas together ornaments for our tree (thanks aunt Elaine,Mom, Dad and In-Laws!).

Anyway, now onto the important things, I was a bit of a busy bee working on gifts for people and couldn't post about them until they had been opened! So, here are some of the things I made.

I finally made an infinity scarf (I gave the one with lace to my mama as part of her present)
(find a tutorial for one here) <-- this tutorial is what I used for the second one pictured. I based the lace one off of it but kinda did my own thing.

I kept this one for me ;)

I also made my niece this dress, and I love the way it turned out! (Mostly I just adore the fabric of the skirt of the dress.)

If you want a tutorial on the dress let me know. I can post how I did it. However there are many bloggers out there with tutorials for similar dresses.

It was really nice this year being out of college and feeling like I had the time and resources to give gifts to people. I truly enjoy giving gifts and seeing the joy people have when they receive them.

They day after Christmas we headed down south to visit Noah's family. It was a great time. We spent time with some dear friends of ours too and that just fills me up like nothing else. My heart always feels so full when I spend time with people who I have journeyed with through the years.

We also went dirt bike riding with Noah's family...first...let me just share the picture of me all in the gear because I look awesome

OK, now that you all think I am totally awesome let me tell you a story. Anyone that knows me well...knows that there is no way me on a dirt bike can end well. So, I was doing great putting around in 1st gear but where we were there were bushes and stuff that made me really cautious about my speed...I didn't want to go out of 1st and then head straight into a bush. So, Noah takes me out to the main road so that I can test out going into other gears. I was doing just fine until a stupid truck came into view and I decided I should get out of his way. So, I proceeded to try and go off into the bushes and trails (mind you I was in 2nd or 3rd gear). I missed the turn I needed to take to end up on a trail and instead hurled myself into a wash out which cased me to jerk back giving the bike more gas (and consequently, speed). I then blasted through 2 bushes before I ditched the bike, only to have it come back toward me and over my leg.
I broke the clutch snapped like a twig. but all in all, I came away with two bruised fingers and some soreness and a hilarious story.
So, lesson for life to you all...looking awesome does not mean you are awesome.

And I will leave you with this little bit of inspiration, no sewing machine required for this! It is an embroidered t-shirt tutorial from one of my favorite blogs to keep up with, Sweet Verbena. Go check out her tutorial here.

I hope you all have had a fantastic holiday season and are looking into this next year with joy and anticipation.

With love,

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