Sunday, November 20, 2011

keeping up

So, like I said last week, I was going to try something new to keep me a little more on top of blogging but also to help me remember all that I have done in this past week. So I am going to do my week in pictures. One picture for each day of the week.
Here is my week in pictures :)


This is my tattoo on my foot. And I was looking at it last Sunday just thinking about all the reasons I got it and what it means to me when I look at it. So, I took a picture. When I see it I think of the love that is around me. I think of the love that I have from God...that mind blowing unconditional love. I think of the love that is supposed to overflow out of me because of how much love I have inside of me. That is what it means to me. What would it mean to you to see that word as a daily reminder? Would it remind you to love yourself more? Or maybe it would remind you to love those around you better, or maybe just differently. What would it mean to you?


Yum! Tea! Tea is one of my favorite beverages.Ever. It soothes me. It lets me take time to just enjoy the moment that I am currently in. It is practical as the weather is turning a little chilly, it keeps me nice and warm and it reminds me of great friends and wonderful memories. What triggers those memories for you? What soothes you and makes the space for you to take some time to just enjoy each moment as it comes?
I will leave you with a few tea suggestions incase you would like to give tea a try. I personally adore pretty much anything from Teavana I am particularly fond of their Peach Tranquility it is fruity and delicious and no need at all for added sugar it is naturally sweet and just lovely. Their Acai Matetini Mate tea is a new found favorite. It has the same amount of caffeine as coffee but the chemical makeup is different so you do not get the dramatic high and then crash of caffeine (and this is true of any Mate tea, so no need to just try this one!). And lastly, for a more simple tea bag option, The Republic of Tea makes a wonderful tea called Blackberry Sage. It is my staple tea for any time I cannot do full leaf tea. I can talk about tea forever so if you want any other suggestions let me know :)


This is my current task. The game room at the church for the youth was taken over by chalk! The walls are not chalkboard paint...getting chalk off of regular paint is really quite difficult. So nothing too exciting about this picture...or even thought provoking. I would just like to inform you to NEVER let anyone run wild with chalk on your walls.


This was my labor of love. This braided rag rug I started months before the wedding and I just now finished it....literally just this took forever! If you want to make one of your own here is the tutorial for it. I will say that while it is pretty, and has a certain shabby look to it that I love, I would rather pay the money for this. Some things just are not worth making to me....this was one of them.


It has been wet and cold so I have been doing a lot inside. Making my own coloring sheet and then coloring it was one of them. I know I am not a child and should not enjoy coloring so much but I do...and doodling is pretty awesome too. I used this as the inside of my travel mug (one of those create your own picture travel mugs). So colorful and festive :)


These little book-page birdies will be making an appearance during Christmas this year. Here is the tutorial where I found how to make them.

That is the glimpse into my week. I hope that you all have had a good one and are refreshed by this weekend and ready to face this (short) week. Enjoy Thanksgiving and I hope that you feel completely washed with joy and thankfulness in whatever you are doing.

This season I am thankful for health, warmth, friends and family. What are you most thankful for?

With love from the couch,

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