Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creativity and Inspiration

I have had a lot more time to think and let my mind wander these days. I am realizing that when I have the time to think and imagine I have a deep desire to create not only things for myself but things for people that I love and mean a lot to me. I want to create things that have depth and meaning not just because they are hand made but because I thought of them when I picked the fabric or when I saw the pattern, tutorial what have you. I want to share these inspirations with people in hopes that maybe it will spark inspiration in them.

I feel that when I have this desire to create and to see what I can do with my own hands and talents I begin to feel more confident in my ability to navigate life. I know that sounds absolutely silly and like I am living in some la-la land...but really think about it. When you have the ability to imagine and create and you allow yourself the room to make mistakes. And in the process you are experiencing real life lessons. I love being able to return a compliment with 'thank you, I made it.' Not because I want to gloat but rather because I feel like when we see other people creating things and hear about them making things we believe in ourselves a little bit more.

My hope for this blog...and for my life in general is that it will spark inspiration in other people. Not because what I make or say is amazing but that you will believe that you can create amazing and beautiful things. That you will imagine what you can do. That you would dust off those knitting needles...unpack that sewing machine, buy a new canvas and fresh paint...do whatever it is you do that makes you happy and uses that part of your brain that brings you such joy simply because you are participating in something you are passionate about.

I hope that you will challenge yourself with figuring out what makes you happy. What uses that creative part of your brain that you maybe haven't thought about in a while. Find that thing :) If you are having trouble thinking of it or want some time to feel inspired about what to do with your talent I highly recommend having a good cuppa (cup of tea).

With love from a clean apartment,

p.s. This week will start my new approach to this blog to keep me on top of it and posting...so check it out next sunday or monday to see what I have up my sleeve to keep you all in the loop of my life.

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