Tuesday, August 23, 2011

me oh my

Well here we are folks (all two of you that read this ;] ) we are down to the wire! I am going to be married in something like TWELVE DAYS! Wow..

So given that fact, I am sure you all were so anxious to hear about my life and what I have been up to..and I have just been busy.

I have been heat embossing like a mad woman. Noah and I worked on our seating chart. We have been dealing with disappointing responses from people (ie lots of people we really wanted to be there to celebrate our day are not able to make it). I have been slowly moving things out of my room. I have been working...yay Starbucks. On that note, I also found a starbucks to transfer to once Noah and I are back from our honeymoon (such a great relief). I have been making chalkboard paint. I have been wrapping twine on anything and everything. I haven't even started thinking about the desserts that need to be baked! The list goes on and on...I need not bore you.

But that is my life right now. It is busy. It is stressful. It is wonderful. It is a joyous time, and that is what I keep needing to remind myself in the midst of the stress. The important part in this all that is keeping me sane is remembering that at the end of the day...when it is all said and done on September 4th, I will be married to my best friend. That is what keeps me sane.

So, I hope that this quick update was sufficient for the time being, I am off to give making my own laundry detergent a whirl. I will report back on how that goes, in the mean time if you wish to read up on it, here is the recipe I will be using. Enjoy.

with love from a tired me,

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