Sunday, September 18, 2011

home sweet home

Well, the deed has been done and I am a married woman now!

First, let me just say that the wedding day was absolutely perfect. Everything I ever wanted was there and it looked beautiful. My mom did my flowers with the help of my wonderful bridesmaids and family was there to help both Noah and I stay sane during set up. The ceremony was super duper hot...but luckily it wasnt too long and then came the party! It was perfect and full of fun.

I don't have all the pictures back from the photographer but here is a link to the ones that he did give us that night, they are beautiful and we love them. If you are looking for a photographer I would recommend him highly! Here is the link.

We went to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon and were so fortunate to have a great family let us use their beautiful mountain home for the week for free. They were seriously such a blessing and we loved staying there and making our own meals and just enjoying one another.

While we were in Tahoe we did some hiking, kayaking adventuring around the lake and parasailing :)

here are a few pictures from our time up there:

This was when we stumbled upon the state capital our first day of the honeymoon

This was after we had kayaked around the lake for a bit... however our time on the lake was quite short due to it being incredibly windy.

some really beautiful scenery on one of our hikes.

Pretty pond on our hike. love the reflection of the sky in the water.

super cool rock pile to guide us!

Probably one of my favorite stops on our honeymoon, Sand Harbor. The water was so pretty!!!

Parasailing! this was after we were safe on the boat. We were up 1,200 feet in the air while we were out there.

we took a dinner cruise around the lake and it was beautiful! This sunset was unreal.

That all takes me to now, home base. We are still settling in...lots of stuff for a little apartment but it is coming together...slowly.

so for now, here is a picture, a small glimpse into what I hope the rest of the apartment will look like when I take the time to organize and settle in.

So here is to love and learning to live together :) more pictures of the apartment to come and more updates hopefully coming soon.

with love from burlingame,

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