Sunday, July 17, 2011

City livin' and sewing dreamin'

This past weekend has been one of the best that I can remember in a long time...well aside from that one weekend in February when some crazy man got down on a knee and gave me a diamond ring and said some nice things :)

But seriously, my dad has heard about this lovely tea garden in San Francisco called, Samovar Tea Lounge (seriously check them out!). So we finally found a day that we could all go to the city and give it a go. I love tea so I was super thrilled to begin with but the food and the atmosphere were just lovely. It is located near the Yerba Buena Gradens and you look out over a park and there is a big brick cathedral across from it as well and you can see all of these things wonderfully through the glass walls that enclose this gem. The neat thing about this place is that depending on what tea you choose, it is served with that regions traditional food items. So cool! I was boring and got my typical earl grey tea with the english food service but their scone with jam and devonshire cream, fresh fruit and wild mushroom quiche hit the spot. Here are a couple pictures of the tea and my yummy food!

From the tea lounge, it was only about a mile walk to the ferry building on The Embarcadero so we took a stroll over there to look at the farmers market as well as all the lovely specialty shops inside the ferry building itself. Unfortunately we got there as the market was closing but my dad had enough time to grab my mom some gorgeous flowers first! I would have loved some...and Noah was sweet enough to want to buy them for me but I was lazy and didnt want to lug them around the city all day, instead I enjoyed my moms :)

I dont have a picture of this but we also found some wonderful sugar this woman makes all natural herself. She had lavender sugar, spearmint sugar etc. So I bought some spearmint sugar for my tea. I would highly recommend this for anyone who likes iced tea. black iced tea sweetened with this sugar is so delightful and refreshing I don't think I can go back to anything else. If you are interested, her website is

Anyway we then just took some time wandering through the ferry building and looking at shops here and there, here are just a few pictures I snapped with my phone as we were browsing around enjoying the beautiful day

I bought some local(ish) honey to maybe help with some allergies and used it in some tea later that night when we got home

And for anyone who does not know, I love love LOVE french macaroons! The ferry building had some wonderful ones and I bought three of them and gladly enjoyed two of them in one day. Here is a picture of the only one that survived until today! They were from a sweet little bakery named Miette

And now on to the swing dreamin'

Lets just say that I have a new is called pinterest. It is a lovely little community of people who love to create and appreciate other peoples inspirations and creations. Anyhow I have found quite a few projects but these two are first on my list! they are from a blog called sweet-verbena seriously check her blog but here are the two current projects I would love to complete asap.

the first is this lovely simple skirt

(photo from sweet-verbena website, not my own doing)

and the second project is this wonderful shirt!

(this is again a photo from sweet-verbena, not mine in any way)

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and week ahead!

With love,

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