Monday, May 30, 2011

A lot of driving for a lot of nothing.

This past week has been a busy one! I finally started back to work at Starbucks, took on a project for mine and Noah's future apartment and prepared for a weekend full of premarital counseling on Friday (in LA) and then engagement photos the next day up in Sacramento.

So first, I started work this week. It has been a busy week too. First week back and I worked 30 hours. Great for a paycheck, not so great for easing back into the flow of working! But it has been great. I keep telling people that it feels a bit like I am taking a step back in time because this was the same place I had worked when I was 16 years old. And while in some ways that was not so long ago, it also feels like an eternity some times. I know that in those six years that I have grown up and changed and become more educated (hopefully....or else these student loans coming were all for not. ha!) But in a way, I feel like I am still that scared teenager with their first job. Uncertain of how to do things and trying to learn the ropes as quickly as possible. I feel like that all over again not only learning a few new things that Starbucks has implemented, but really, in a few short months life is going to hit me for real. I will be getting married and Noah and I will be on our own and I am trying to once again launch myself into the working world and for now, that means Starbucks. So it is odd to be back but it is also great to be somewhere familiar again. So here is to moving forward, even when it might not feel as such.

During this week I also did something for myself and something for the future apartment. I made pillows. A small task but something to dip my toes back into sewing and it was absolutely fantastic. I found a tutorial on another blog for some simple pillows with a little personality. The fabric is so lovely and unfortunately I bought it with no project in mind then found this tutorial...and well I had to deviate from the tutorial a bit due to a little shortage of fabric. Here are a couple pictures of the pillows and the process :)

I found the tutorial for them here

I also worked on some wedding ideas. Went thrifting today to find some containers for flowers for centerpieces and dessert table. I also made one of our plain glass containers into something a little more interesting for centerpieces with some twine and hot glue (I have found a new love for hot is just wonderful). I also worked on a little prop for both our engagement photos and again for the wedding...a wonderful old typewriter with a lovely poem scrolling through it.

Lastly, this weekend as mentioned above we were supposed to have premarital counseling (down in LA) and then take engagement photos the next day (in Sacramento). So we make the 6 hour journey to LA only to find our counselor had forgotten...definitely not ideal. So we leave and spend the night at Noah's parents home and get up in the morning to drive another 6 and a half hours for our engagement photos. We get into Sacramento to find that our beautiful park we were to take pictures in is being rained on and muddy....not cool. So we take some time to eat dinner, walk around a mall (I buy some shoes to ease the pain haha). By the time we were done with all of that, this is what the park looked like

This was our reaction

So we decided to make the best of it and take an 'engagement' photo of our own so the trip didn't feel like such a waste of gas.

So we drove home and made reasons why it wasn't a complete waste and celebrated the long weekend today by going thrifting and Noah found this gem for our apartment! I am so incredibly excited about this find :) more pictures of some gems I found to come at the end of this week.

with love from home,

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