Thursday, May 19, 2011


It is odd when you can remember one day exactly a year ago. Today was that day for me. I was in New Zealand and I had been showered by love from people with birthday cards and kind thoughts. I was going out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant with a couple of friends. I was turning 21 I and thought that was weird. My parents were on Skype with a 'cake' made of powdered doughnuts, strawberries and curly candles on top.
Today I am at home, I am planning a wedding, I have graduated college, I start working again in a few days, I am recovering from surgery and I was able to celebrate my 22nd year on this earth with my parents and my fiance and I was showered with love from people with phone calls and cards.

I feel so thankful for another year and it is funny how life changes in a year.

This is a short entry but I wanted to reflect a bit on the year that I have had and how much I have to be thankful for. To recognize the trials that I have faced but to also recognize the grace that has carried me through to this place I am in now. I would love some day to not wake up every morning and feel like I was entitled to wake up. I want to wake up filled with thankfulness for another day and feel the joys and the blessing that each new day brings. That is what I want in this next year.

With love from the couch,

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