Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm engaged!!!

Ok, so for those of you who have not heard, I went on a road trip (or so I thought) but the whole point was for Noah to propose to me. So, here is the story:

Taylor and I had been planning a trip to Oregon for the Presidents day weekend. I had thought that it could possibly be the weekend that Noah would propose but then as time went on, I found that his parents were coming up to visit him and that he had things to do at the church etc.

So Taylor and I are driving up and I fess up to Noah via text that I for sure thought that this was the weekend and he plays along and tells me he is sorry and he promises that he has a plan that will be perfect timing and perfect for both of us. (this was all on Friday)

Saturday morning Taylor and I wake up and it is snowing in Ashland! It was just beautiful there and looked like a little winter wonderland. So we left the hotel and went to find our favorite park, Lithia Park, in downtown Ashlalnd. We get lost a bit on these back roads (but it was a beautiful place to be lost). We get to downtown and grab a warm drink and start walking to the park. I get distracted in a store, but made it quick and we got back on track to Lithia. When we get to the very front of the park, there is an envelope pinned to a tree that says my name. I give Taylor a look knowing that she was not the person who put it up.

I open it and it was a very casual 'hope you enjoy Oregon' note. We keep walking for quite a while and come across a second envelope. This envelope asked me to leave Taylor behind for now but that my path will lead back to where I started and I will see her later. There were 7 more envelopes to follow that walked me through 'memory lane' and they included pictures and just special memories for Noah and I. At this point, I must say, I surprised everyone because I was actually reading all the letters and taking my time. They all figured I would be sprinting down the trail grabbing notes and reading them later.

When I got to what I thought was my last note, it led down a little trail to a picnic table and Noah. He was holding my last note. This note was special and ended with him getting down on his knee and asking me to be his wife. I said yes. I cried. He teared up. He wiped my tears and we kissed.

After I said yes, I hear cheering from behind me and in front of me and my parents and his parents come out of the bushes to celebrate with us. Thanks to them we have some great pictures to remember this day and the moments that are forgotten in all the excitement.

Here is the moment of the proposal:

So that is the story, I wish I could tell you all in person but I would be bound to miss telling someone. I hope you all are doing well!

With love from the newly engaged woman,
Whitney :)

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