Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sit down and get comfy.

So it has been a little while since I have updated you all on the happenings of life. So here it goes.

Last week for my internship, I was a part of my first teddy bear clinic. This was a lot of fun, but also slightly draining. What we do is go to local pre-schools and kindergarten classes and have them bring their stuffed animal and they get to be the doctor. We prepare little bags for them with all the 'Dr. gear' and they get to go to all the different stations and preform the different procedures.

So, you can imagine that it would be so much fun to have all these kids learning all these things, but they are also twenty plus preschool age kids that you interact with for a fairly extended amount of time. So, it is slightly exhausting, but also a lot of fun when you are leaving and a kid tells you "stay healthy!" They just blessed my heart.

Then I had a late night on Wednesday getting another section for my senior sem written and turned in by Thursday. It was a long night and not really much fun at all considering I had to spend a good hour and half in chapel while they talk about 'rest' and 'taking time to rest' on a college campus. I am still not entirely sure that this is possible while going to school and doing all that entails as well as trying to maintain social relationships and work at your internship.

I just still am not sure that rest and restoration are possible on this campus, or any college campus really. And to be honest I have some issues with the fact that I go to a Christian college that urges rest and to take time out from the normal happenings of life (not just time, an entire day) but doesn't give that opportunity. I take issue with the fact that I do believe God made us to be people who take time to slow down and rest and not get overwhelmed, but I can't say I feel that APU does a good job of supporting their students to take a sabbath. I feel like it just turns into another thing to do. I feel that when I take time to rest or do something not having to do with school, I become overwhelmed when I go back to normal life.

Anyway that is just some rambling for you. Sorry.

Back to internship. Today was fairly uneventful. There was a little girl who swallowed a penny and had to get it removed and another little one who didn't want to walk after her surgery so she kept wetting the bed and not telling anyone. Then there was a little girl who had some minor procedures done, just in the room at bedside but was crying and screaming and just difficult to please or help ease the scariness of the situation for her. But I am happy to say that as I was leaving for the evening she was happily watching the little mermaid and had no tears in her eyes. I finally got my badge for work today as well! Naturally I got it home and decorated it with Cinderella stickers.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Shadowbrook with my wonderful man, Noah :) We had a wonderful dinner there and the day before he took me to the Mystery Spot and well, it is a pretty cool place to visit. I would definitely go if any of you haven't had the chance to yet. It is only $5 to go and $5 for parking but a lot of fun. Anyway it was a nice weekend to spend with some people I love very much.

Next weekend my best friend and I will be Oregon bound! We are thrilled and I can't wait to share it with you! Pray for the weather that it will allow us for safe and easy travels.

I hope this finds you all well!

With Love from Azusa,

p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures, but the site isn't letting me post them!!! Such a bummer.

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