Sunday, May 13, 2012

This one is for my Mamma!

Today is Mothers day, and while I know that this day can be really difficult for many for all different reasons, but for me, I have lots of reason to celebrate.

(My lovely Mamma is on the right)
Thanks Mamma for carrying me around like a sack of potatoes for 9 months and enduring the awful maternity clothes that the 80's had to offer...

Thanks for always loving me and my stubborn self (although I still say I had no chance and it is your fault...but it's mothers day so we will over look that...for today)

You have always been a soft place to land. Ridiculously unselfish and giving, to the point where we have to tell you to stop and take time for you. But still, thank you. You have taught me how to live generously and to give with a loving heart. You have taught me how to be a woman who honors God. You have taught me how to be a wife (strong willed and with opinions. ha!).

Thanks for being so strong through all the ups and downs of life. Thanks for enduring my middle school and high school years with me...I know I was a pain especially once every month. ha! Thank you for taking the time to teach me to sew and let me go on my creative endeavors even when you probably knew they would end with disappointment and tears on my part. Thanks for wearing jewelry I made you as a kid...I know they weren't very fashion forward. Thank you for hanging my artwork in your office for so many years, it still makes me laugh that you did.

You have taught me how to be beautiful from the inside out and for that I am so very thankful. You have raised three wonderful kids to be wonderful adults. You have shown us all how to love and how to be about family.

All of the kids she raised, I think my Dad can be included in that category too ;)

So, here is to you Mamma. Happy Mothers Day. You are beautiful, smart, generous, kind, loving, and so many more things. You are the best Mom I could have asked for. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for all you do and the example that you continue to set. I love you! Happy Mammas day to you!

With love from a thankful heart,

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