Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be inspired

I have been talking a lot about inspiration lately and I wanted to share some of the things that inspire me.

first thing that just inspires me to the core of my being is nature. I mean seriously...look at these pictures, do they make you stand in awe like they do for me??

All of these pictures are from a few of my favorite places and I have been fortunate enough to capture a small portion of their beauty.

Something else that inspires me, are friends and family. I really have some of the best people on the planet as friends. Seriously though, I am not entirely sure how I became so fortunate. And family....well I'm stuck with them (kidding! :) ) but I do have a pretty great family too. Anyone who knows my parents know that I was raised by some top notch people...I sometimes joke that my friends like my parents more than they like me. Seriously though, they are fantastic.

And lastly, I am inspired by the blogging world! So many creative people willing to share their talents and ideas with anyone who will read. You all are amazing and have inspired me to believe in my creativity in whatever form that takes. There are a plethora of ways to be creative and really, an artist in your own way, and it has been wonderful to grow in that knowledge. Knowing that no, I can't draw...I don't paint...but that isn't the only way to be an artist or be considered creative. So, blogging world, thanks for your generosity and great ideas! I love continuing to learn and be inspired by you.

For those of you wondering what blogs I look at most that give me some awesome ideas here are a few of them:

Sweet Verbena

A Beautiful Mess

Why Not Sew

Smile and Wave

The Paper Mama

My Girlish Whims

those are only a few of the absolutely lovely and brilliant blogs out there. And if you would like to see all of the things that inspire me and catch my eye, please feel free to check out my boards on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed, be inspired!

With love from a lovely Christmas filled room,

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