Monday, January 21, 2013

Life is slow. And that is good.

Today was slow in the best way possible. For Christmas we bought a Hammock, a very portable hammock (you can find it here). Today it had its maiden voyage at the park and it was great. Noah used his new slackline at the park too. He was quite the circus act with all the kiddos walking around asking what he was doing. Friday we took a drive out to Pacifica after work and got to see the sunset. The sky was just electric that evening. Life is good. Oh, and of course I have been knitting some too. I am working on some socks, I used this pattern. Here are just a few snapshots into life lately.

This was a part of our wedding and now it hangs in our kitchen for our tea and coffee area (see it in this post)
If you are interested in making something like the chalk board wood slice pictured above all you need is a piece of wood you would like (mine is from Michael's), a paint color you want and I also used some primer to save some coats of paint. Here is a post over at A Beautiful Mess all about making your own chalkboard paint.

lets end with a picture of my parents adorable Puppy, Yuba. Doesn't she make you feel better just looking at her? I love her!

I hope this finds you all well. I have a few projects rolling around in my head that might come to fruition at some point and end up on here :) but for now, life is slow and I am enjoying that.

With love,


  1. ohhh jealous. I could use some ocean.

    1. I'm super spoiled living so close to it my entire life. I think that will probably be the worst part of moving, especially if I end up in a land-locked state!! Yikes!