Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finding rest

Whew it has been a long time since my last post! oops.

I guess this time around when I had a week off I took advantage of doing absolutely noting. Seriously. I think I can confidently say that outside of dishes and basic cleaning there has been zero productivity. And honestly, I feel great about it! 

I read this article not long ago and it really struck me. I would venture to say that what I am going to say about it wont do it justice and you should also go and read it when you have a chance, it is refreshing to read. Probably one of my favorite quotes from this article was this "One of the things that I found was the importance of rest and play, and the willingness to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth."

Although my life is not always crazy busy, it can be some times. And often, ask my husband, during my time off I struggle with sleeping in (at first) or taking a nap. I feel like if I don't get the dishes done while he is at work I have somehow failed. I think that this last week I put a bit of this article into practice. I feel like I did things that made me happy and tried to mix in some productivity...but most of all I relaxed! I read, and drank tea. I tried new recipes and did some Christmas crafts. I took naps and went to the gym less than I probably should have...and that is just fine with me today. Because today I feel rested.

I hope that you read the article. But more importantly, I hope you start to let go of feeling like your worth or status depends on your exhaustion and productivity levels.

Have a happy and well rested Sunday.

With love,

Oh and I just have to post a picture of the new puppy my parents got! Her name is Yuba and she is a Vizsla (sorry for the grainy phone picture...but you can still see how adorable she is!) I am in love with her and want to steal her!

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