Monday, September 10, 2012

Disasters and tragedy

This post has been written, deleted, re-written, added on to and mulled over a lot. It is something I was not sure if I should or would post because it isn't a DIY or something's life. It's a bit vulnerable and a little bit guarded too. But here it is.

I think often about people who are a part of or affected by terrible natural disasters or just simply terrible tragedy. Their lives are forever changed. Perspective forever shifted, ideas of God radically changed- for better or worse. We move so fast. Our thoughts so fleeting, but these moments, days, months and years that these people live after a tragedy are anything but fleeting.

Tragedy struck my family almost four months ago.

It is difficult for me to even say that it has been four months. It feels like it could have been just yesterday. The pain is still real. There are moments of anger toward God and then in another quick moment I turn from anger to simply crying out to him and praying for things I don't even quite understand....praying for things I don't even know how to pray for. Tears still come when you least expect it. They sneak up on you just when you feel like life might be getting back to normal. Whatever normal is. Days keep moving. The pages of the calendar keep turning and all you want is life to pause. Just stop for one second. Let me catch my breath. Let me take time to feel this tragedy. Let me have time.

Life doesn't work that way, I really wish it did. I feel like often we don't allow ourselves to truly feel the pain that is so necessary for grieving and the healing process. The world moves so quickly and hardly gives any grace in these times to be able to stop, not to pick yourself up and compose yourself, that implies pretending you are ok or that you have had adequate time to grieve. But rather we need grace to be able to take the time to sit in the ashes and pain, not to dwell on forever, but to heal. We need time. We need grace. You deserve time and grace.

I think on the other end of that we need to remember to give grace and time to people. We are all moving through life and in and out of tragic times. You may never know what someone is going through, but you can certainly offer kindness and love no matter what. I am not saying that I am good at this always. I am not. But I try. One of my favorite quotes that is attributed to Plato is this "Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Lets be kind.

Tragedy is not easy. The world moves too fast.

With love,

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