Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Only the 4th week? Really?

So, here I am. Week 4 of my final semester...95 days to go (not that I am counting or anything). I am tired...already. I have skipped early morning walk jog a couple times now (sorry Mom and Dad!). However, in my defense, the school messed me up this semester and I needed one more unit to graduate...so I am in an 8:20am walk/jog class. With a track coach. Let me just say it is a lot more running and a lot less walking. And to be honest, that is far more than I would care to do at 8 in the morning. But, life goes on and I promise I will go tomorrow.

On another note, today I started my service learning for my senior sem class. It is an education senior sem, so for our service learning we are doing just a few hours at a local middle school. My friend and I are paired up to work with a boy who doesn't verbalize much and likes to eat crayons. He is incredibly smart and finishes his work quickly and before most of the other kids, he just doesn't talk. I am only there once a week for four weeks. I realize that there won't be leaps and bounds in his attachment to me or my friend. However, I so enjoy the special education class because they remind me to enjoy small gains and accomplishments. Today I got to fly a kite with him and run around a field like a crazy woman trying to keep it up because it wasn't quite windy enough. However, it was worth it knowing that most days he really enjoys it. Anyway, that was my big thing today. I have very much enjoyed these service learning times, they teach you to love and have patience in ways you didn't necessarily know you were capable of. My prayer through all of this is that God would teach me and grow me and help me see people the way he sees them, as beautiful and perfect like Psalm 139:14 says, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." I so want to see every human being this way, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Now onto my next news, I received an email today from my internship site and I begin on Friday! The more and more I look into the possibility of becoming a certified Child Life Specialist after college, the more I like the idea. I mean really, how wonderful would a job be where I get to hang around kids all day. Granted it will be hard when they are really sick and you see some of them take turns for the worst, but there will be happy stories too and I am excited for it all. I am excited to expand my knowledge of medical procedures and explain those things to kids and their parents in a way they can understand. I am excited to help them cope with being sick and coloring with them, playing games, just hanging out and making sure they feel as normal as possible. So, for anyone who is wondering "What is Whitney going to do with her psychology degree when she graduates?" Well, I want to look into doing my 480 hours of internship somewhere, taking my certification exam and becoming a certified child life specialist.

Who knows if that is where life will take me. Your guess of what will really happen is just as good as mine. But I know I love working with kids. I have thought about working in a hospital setting for a long time and this job would be both of those things. More news to come on my internship and all that jazz once it starts and I can tell you all about it.

I hope this finds you all well.

With love from N215,

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